A+ Content/Enhanced Brand Content
What are the Benefits of A+ Content/Enhanced Brand Content?
○ Higher Conversion Rates
○ Reduced Return Rates
○ Better Reviews
○ Can Help to Reduce ACoS and Increase ROI
Amazon A+ Content Services Include
○ Product descriptions with comprehensive information
○ High-quality product images with detailed descriptions
○ Product comparison with charts and tables etc.
○ Salient features of the product with benefits
○ Details of related products and their usage
Enhanced Brand Content/A+ Content (Image)
○ Layout and Design
○ Content Creation
○ Adding of Keywords
○ Completion in 4-5 Days
The Amazon A+ Content represents your Brand on Amazon. Amazon A+ Content is the tool that enables Brands to describe product features in an advanced way. We enable you with added inputs and details by working on Detailed Descriptions, Charts, Videos, High-Quality Images, Brand Stories. The Amazon A+ Content feature is designed to increase traffic, conversion rate, and sales.