Facebook Marketing
Build Your Brand With Digi Periscope’s Facebook Marketing Experts.
Stand Out With Our Facebook Marketing Services
Creative Graphic
Creation Eye-catching graphics that infatuate the users and create lasting impressions.
Content Marketing
Catchy, interactive yet informational social media content to incite the readers to respond.
Community Creation
Community creation to let you connect to your customers and promote your business better.
Social Listening
Social listening enables you to understand your customers’ needs better and create Facebook marketing strategies accordingly.
Paid Ad Management
Instead of following the “set and forget” criteria, we ensure effective paid ad management to reach the target audience.
How do Our Facebook Marketing Services work?
Setting Up a Strategy
You can start with goal establishment with our Facebook management experts. The specialist uses a data-driven approach and sets some general goals as well as specific goals. Facebook allows you to reach goals like increasing customer engagements, boosting customer support, driving more organic traffic, etc. You can predetermine the goals, and build strategies together with experts to achieve them. Thus, Facebook marketing company helps you to create milestones to achieve each objective that will take you close to reaching the big goal.
Creating Content for Target Audience
The next step is to analyze the target audience. It starts before you even plan to build a brand/business. It continues during the first step of setting strategy and even goes on after the content is completely crafted. The ‘start point’ of creating content is when a strategy is approved. Also, we share a content calendar and get approval on all content before anything is sent to publication/posting. Ensure that your content is 100% unique and engaging. You must take into account using the correct mix of content. This means balancing information and promotion content to build credibility with your audience.
Up-Scaling Your Page
For advertising and marketing, perhaps there is no other social media platform as Facebook. Using it you can widespread your brand awareness and reach different corners of the world. As you set up your Facebook business page, add fresh content, then slowly it will gain followers. During this stage, try to leverage the Facebook ads to yield maximum profits. Putting an advertisement on Facebook is cheaper as compared to any other traditional methods. To add value to the customer experience you can use Facebook Messenger. The application allows you to stay close with your customer via text message, video etc.
Monitoring the Growth
Running a successful Facebook page is similar to growing a plant. It’s important to daily monitor the progress. If someone comments on your Fb page or sends a message etc. it’s essential to reply within a 24hr time frame. Remember your strategy won’t work until you do. Monitoring the growth will allow you to get a bird-eye view of the strategy in action.
Our reporting strategy will help you know what works best for your business/brand. The reports include details of analysis, performance and growth along with a pictorial representation of the process and much more. Leverage reports to set the new data points associated with campaigns and to make more impact. Reporting is also useful to increase Facebook fans, increase engagement, and to re-target existing customers. Tough competition demands better and faster processes. To stand out from the crowd you have to gain a winning edge over your competition. It is only possible if you have a well-thought-out strategy and USP (unique selling proposition) that can help a company to distinguish it from its competitors.
Our Approach to Google Ads Management
Our team understands what it takes to develop a great Google advertising strategy for our clients. We will create targeted campaigns that are cost-effective & profitable.