Infographics Images / Lifestyle Images
E-commerce is that platform where everyone believes only in pictures or images of the product as they speak the truth about the product or services. Effective and attractive product images temper the shopper and compelling them to purchase it. As the saying goes, “A good photograph is the one that communicates a fact, touches the heart, and leaves the viewer a changed person for having seen it.”
As we know, an online visitor is not able to touch or feel the actual product but look at the image and dream of the product through the picture. So, superior, enhanced and authentic e-commerce photos are the most important part to engage and attract online viewers towards your product.
What will you get with Digi Periscope’s Photo Editing Service?
● We will deliver the images with at least 1000 or more in length or width.
● We will deliver Amazon Ready Images.
● We will deliver the images in JPEG(.jpg or .jpeg), PNG(.png) GIF(.gif)or TIFF(.tiff) format.
● All of the images will be edited in Adobe Photoshop software which delivers professional-grade, high resolution, and striking images.